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corporate social responisibility


DEN strives to inculcate a corporate environment that transcends organisational boundaries and relates to the community at large. The various initiatives made by DEN in this regard include

DEN i-Care and other Environmental Initiatives:

DEN believes in making lifestyle changes to protect the environment in the long term. Employees are encouraged to make small changes in their lives to reduce the negative impact of human actions on the environment and prevent overuse of scarce resources. DEN i-care is one of the ongoing initiatives undertaken to inculcate socially responsible values among all DEN employees by making them conscious about green environmental practices like saving water, using car pools, using energy efficient devices, recycling of paper and more, thus enabling them to make a visible difference to the environment.

Helping the less fortunate in Association with Goonj:

An initiative in this direction was - "Rahat Winters" and "Don't pack your unwanted clothes" campaigns in association with the NGO Goonj. This program involves clothes collection drives in the corporate office where all employees were encouraged to do their bit by contributing for the economically deprived.